NEWS T3 2023 Swiftnet Components in IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

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Swiftnet Components in IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

This article describes the several components implemented in ISBI during a Swiftnet transfer. The diagram below shows the different components:

Swiftnet7 Services in ISBI

Swiftnet7 Adapter is an adapter in ISBI that is configured to communicate to the Swift Network through the MEFG Server. It requires the following information for its configuration:

  • Http port
  • MEFG SWIFTNet port, address & location
  • CLA2 port
  • Authentication & SSL information
  • SWIFTNet Remote Agent location
  • Queue & Channel information

Swiftnet7 Client Service prepares the request and sends it to the MEFG server using Http client.

Swiftnet7 Server Service handles SWIFT messages from the MEFG client application.

Swiftnet7 Http Client & Server Adapter are special instances of the standard Http severices in ISBI. They are used by the Swiftnet7 services for implementing http calls between ISBI and MEFG.


CLA2 Server: The Swiftnet7 Adapter uses the CLA2 server to start and stop the MEFG components like MEFGCommServer, MEFGSwiftServer & MEFGMonitor Server. There are three unique scripts under MEFG/bin directory that CLA2 adapter uses to start these components. 

MEFG Comm Server: is a combination of Http server and Swiftnet client implementation. The MEFG Comm Server takes the SOAP call and creates a SwCall for RA.

MEFG Monitor Server: This component is responsible for the auto recovery functionality of the MEFG server and the re-connects to the primary SAG. Every 30 second after the last action it checks the MEFG processes. If necessary, it stops the existing MEFG processes and start the restart script so that the system tries to start the MEFG process with connection to the primary SAG again. If the primary SAG is not avialble it will start the components with the secondary SAG.

MEFG Swift Server: is a combination of Http Client and Swift Server implementation. The MEFG Swift Server takes SwCallback and create SOAP call for ISBI.

Swiftnet Remote API (RA): is a software distributed by swift, that connects the MEFG server and Swift Alliance Gateway (SAG). The RA needs to be installed on the same machine as the MEFG server.

Swift Alliance Gateway (SAG)

SAG is a interface product to connect with Swift network. This contains information of the partners and the Swift message / SNL (Swiftnet Net Link) transfers.

Below is a pictorial representation of the different SWIFT transfers using ISBI:

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